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 Hello my name is Daniel and this is my spot the spot where I come to post things that I have completed at my workplace or the things that I do in my life there is no significant reason just because I want to and because I can you will find all kinds of things on this site and if you don't like it I don't care there will be no place where you can leave a message or comment because I don't want to hear it I work for a local disaster restoration company where I get to use my talent in multiple different ways I enjoy doing construction work it's a constant challenge and there are always new projects and I'm very skilled at it I perform a lot of different Job duties for the company that I work for my boss trust that I can accomplish any task that is put in front of me and gives me the opportunity to do so in my off time there are lots of things that I enjoy to do number one is shooting firearms I am a collector and have many I also like to kayak go fishing and spend time with friends and family I will post random things most of the time and that's it.



 This home was affected by water damage the supply line to the dishwasher leaked for a long time resulting is a lot of damage a local restoration company ohiowatertech.com did there work and referred us to the home owner for the repairs. "thanks guys" starting from the ground up with the Ceramic tile installation I've done about seven of these in the past this was the first time attempted to install herringbone pattern I was a little bit nervous to start off but I got the floor prepped and marked out ready for the installation.


 Well after about seven days I finally finished the herringbone install at this point the tile still needs to be cleaned and sealed but I am sure glad to say that the install is over The cabinets have been ordered should be coming in in about two weeks.



 Well the cabinets have arrived although one of the cabinets were wrong and has to be shipped back for replacement I guess I can go ahead and start with what I have.


I absolutely can't believe the craftsmanship of some people's work. I never noticed how bad the original cabinets were installed until I struck the walls with my laser level and realize that the original cabinets were way out of position no big deal the right guys on the job now. I got some of the cabinet installed today along with half of the puck lights. The install went Great I thought I was going to have issues because of the concrete floors was in such poor condition when I laid the tile floor there were some unlevel tiles even though I used a tile leveling system but everything went well.



 Well today I continued working on the lower cabinet installation the biggest part of today was customizing the base sink cabinet to except a farm sink once I was finished with that I had to cut The holes in the cabinets for the plumbing in this cabinet there is five different plumbing issues there is a supply line for an outside water Spicket that goes through the exterior wall The water supply lines are coming up through the concrete and the drain is going into the wall so I just decided to cut everything away and run all new plumbing the granite was ordered today the waiting period is somewhere between three and four weeks that should give me enough time to install the crown molding around the upper portion of the cabinets I still am waiting for the replacement cabinet.

More Tile Floor

 Well today was more ceramic tile installation. This time it was The entry area after all the problems we had installing The kitchen this one was easy. The concrete floor was still really Un level forcing us to use the tile leveling system. Turned out really nice the granite should be in the next two weeks The replacement cabinets came in today so I should be installing those tomorrow also if there's time we may be installing the crown molding around the upper portion of the cabinets


Crown molding install

Today we install the crown molding on the upper cabinets. It's been along time since I've installed crown molding and it looks like I still have the right touch. It turned out exceptional when the Crown molding got ordered they didn't account for any waste for errors so I had to get it right the first time when it was all said and done I only had a few inches of waste when I first open the package I new what I was going into so I took my time measured four times and cut once the customer is extremely satisfied and so am I.

The kitchen is done

What a great project this was start to finish.

kitchen remodel